Education Reform

“We are under educating our young people. We need a strong, smart, new generation of Philadelphians. That means our schools need to be a strong foundation for growth. We need to be better advocates for teachers as people, not just cogs in a machine.”

Philadelphia has a 17% drop out rate. We need to provide support to students who are older and already disconnected. Enough is enough. Our schools have been heading downhill for decades and City Council needs a voice that won’t just spend money but will make sure money is spent justly.

My Plan:

  1. Add civic education to Philadelphia school curriculums
  2. Provide support for older and disconnected youth in the schools
  3. Provide for a teacher supply fund so teachers can focus on teaching

Marijuana Legalization

“Our citizens are being lied to about marijuana. It’s time to bring our family members home.”

The drug war has done more harm than good. Criminalization of marijuana has contributed to the militarization of our police forces and has put hundreds and thousands of people in jail unjustly.

  • 80 Million Americans smoke marijuana.
  • 46% of drug arrests are for marijuana use or possession.
  • 7.2 Million people have been arrested for marijuana charges.
  • The government spends $7.7 Billion per year on marijuana prosecutions.

Not enough money for schools? Here it is. Stop telling lies about a plant, start providing education and bettering our city.

My Plan:
  1. Create and support full decriminalization of marijuana. City council has not gone far enough, and it is destroying Philly families. Put people first.
  2. Educate our citizens about marijuana. Stop the lies from our government.
  3. Stop police enforcement of marijuana laws, entirely.
  4. Regulate like alcohol
  5. Leverage Philadelphia's voice to pressure Harrisburg for statewide decriminalization

Criminal Justice Reform

“Prisons and jails are the wrong places for our mentally ill. The goal of prisons should be to release better citizens, not better criminals. We need to stop treating people like animals and build a better system.”

Pennsylvania has one of the highest incarceration rates - 725 per 10,000 people.  Even as Philly works to decrease the prison population, the costs are rising. How is this possible? This is bad management. I want to improve the treatment in the jails, and the results once people have paid their dues to society.

My Plan:
  1. Increase transparency in the judicial system
  2. Improve conditions in city jails
  3. Eliminate the use of solitary confinement
  4. Reevaluate the penalties for simple possession of other drugs
  5. Make use of electronic supervision instead of jail where possible
  6. Lower or eliminate the cost of calls from ins
Paid for by: Friends of Maj - Authorized by Maj Toure